Large-scale ecology (and a little "square-peggery")

Large-scale ecology, also referred to as macroecology, studies the patterns and (hopefully) the processes that are seen at large spatial and temporal scales within ecological communities. It embraces aspects of landscape ecology, biogeography, ecological physiology, physical geography and climatology.

This website presents my work in macroecology and related scientific interests which includes species distribution modelling, and comparative and functional morphology.

Image Credit: The brilliant "square peg in round hole" image comes from ePublicist.

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28 July 2012: Methods page for the microchiropteran SDM work has been completed - sorry about the delay! - and several other corrections made to bat pages.

Species distribution models for most microchiropteran species in Australia and New Guinea have been completed. See the results.

The first phase of an ambitious project to make species distribution models for all 2,527 introduced plant species in Australia has been finished. See the results here.

Updated weed species distribution pages uploaded 14 March 2012.