Species distribution modelling:

Microchiroptera of Australia and PNG

Family Molossidae

The Family Molossidae is represented in the region by 10 recognised species.

However, the small bats in the genus Mormopterus found throughout the Australian mainland (i.e. absent from Tasmania) have been the subject of conjecture for many decades. Reardon et al. (2000000) have recently named a new species, Mormopterus eleryi, that resolves a small part of this complex puzzle. In the mean time, general accounts of the Australian mammal fauna refer to 6 other forms that have not been formally described. This taxonomic hiatus is rather frustrating and has forced the modelling work presented here to be highly uncertain and heavily qualified for the species Mormopterus planiceps, M. loriae and M. norfolkensis.

Index to species accounts for Family Molossidae

Pooling the results

What is the outlook for the Microchiropteran fauna of Australia and Papua New Guinea? By pooling the results of each species distribution model, I found some interesting trends for certain groups of species. Continued ...

Microchiropteran families present in Australia-PNG:

Microchiopteran families present in Australia and Papua New Guinea:

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