Bat species list

The full list of species of microchiroptera present in Australia and Papua New Guinea is presented here in alphabetical order by species name. If you wish to examine results within a taxonomic family, please follow the links at the foot of this page.

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Scientific nameCommon name(s)Notes
Anthops ornatusNot modelled due to insufficient records.
Aselliscus tricuspidatusTrident Horseshoe-bat; Trident Leaf-nosed Bat

Scientific nameCommon name(s)Notes
Chaerephon jobensisNorthern Mastiff-bat; Wrinkle-lipped Mastiff Bat; Northern Free-tailed Bat
Chalinolobus dwyeriLarge-eared Pied Bat
Chalinolobus gouldiiGould's Wattled Bat
Chalinolobus morioChocolate Wattled Bat
Chalinolobus nigrogriseusHoary Bat; Pied Wattled Bat; Hoary Wattled Bat
Chalinolobus picatusLittle Wattled Bat

Scientific nameCommon name(s)Notes
Emballonura beccariiBeccari's Sheathtail-bat
Emballonura dianaeLarge-eared Sheathtail-bat
Emballonura furaxNew Guinea Sheathtail-bat
Emballonura raffrayanaRaffray's Sheathtail-bat
Emballonura seriiSerri's Sheathtail-batNot modelled due to insufficient records.

Scientific nameCommon name(s)Notes
Falsistrellus mckenzieiWestern False Pipistrelle
Falsistrellus tasmaniensisEastern False Pipistrelle

Scientific nameCommon name(s)Notes
Hipposideros aterDusky Horsehoe-bat; Dusky Leaf-nosed Bat
Hipposideros calcaratusSpurred Horsehoe-bat; Spurred Leaf-nosed Bat
Hipposideros cervinusFawn Horsehoe-bat; Fawn Leaf-nosed Bat
Hipposideros corynophyllusTelefomin Horsehoe-bat; Telefomin Leaf-nosed Bat
Hipposideros diademaDiadem Horsehoe-bat; Leaf-nosed Bat
Hipposideros dinopsFierce Leaf-nosed Bat
Hipposideros edwardshilliHill's Horsehoe-bat; Hill's Leaf-nosed BatNot modelled due to insufficient records.
Hipposideros maggietayloraeMaggie Taylor's Horsehoe-bat; Maggie Taylor's Leaf-nosed Bat
Hipposideros muscinusFly River Horsehoe-bat; Fly River Leaf-nosed Bat
Hipposideros papuaBiak Horsehoe-bat
Hipposideros semoniGreater Wart-nosed Horseshoe-bat; Greater Wart-nosed Bat; Semon's Leaf-nosed Bat
Hipposideros stenotisNorthern Leaf-nosed Bat
Hipposideros wollastoniWallaston's Horsehoe-bat; Wallaston's Leaf-nosed Bat

Scientific nameCommon name(s)Notes
Kerivoula agnellaLouisiade Woolly BatNot modelled due to insufficient records.
Kerivoula muscinaFly River Trumpet-eared Bat; Fly River Woolly Bat
Kerivoula myrellaManus Island Woolly BatNot modelled due to insufficient records.
Kerivoula papuensisGolden-tipped Bat

Scientific nameCommon name(s)Notes
Macroderma gigasGhost Bat
Miniopterus australisLittle Bentwing-bat; Little Bent-winged Bat
Miniopterus macronemeSmall Melanesian Bentwing-bat; Long-legged BatNot modelled due to insufficient records.
Miniopterus magnaterWestern Bentwing-bat; Western Bent-winged Bat
Miniopterus mediusJavan Bentwing-bat; Javan Bent-winged Bat
Miniopterus propitristisLarge Melanesian Bentwing-bat; Geater Melanesian Bent-winged Bat
Miniopterus schreibersiiCommon Bentwing-bat; Common Bent-winged Bat; Southern Bent-winged Bat (subsp. Bassanii); Eastern Bent-winged Bat (subsp. Oceanensis); Northern Bent-winged Bat (subsp. orianae)
Mormopterus beccariiBaccari's Mastiff-bat; Beccari's Free-tailed Bat
Mormopterus eleryiElery's Free-tailed Bat
Mormopterus loriaeLittle Northern Mastiff-bat; Loria's Mastiff Bat; Little Free-tailed Bat
Mormopterus norfolkensisEast-coast Free-tailed Bat
Mormopterus planiceps
Mosia nigrescensLesser Sheathtail-bat
Murina floriumInsectivorous Tube-nose Bat; Flores Murine Bat; Flute-nosed Bat
Myotis macropusLarge-footed Mouse-eared Bat; Large-footed Myotis; Arafura Large-footed Bat

Scientific nameCommon name(s)Notes
Nyctophilus arnhemensisNorthern Long-eared Bat
Nyctophilus bifaxNorth Queensland Nyctophilus; Northern Big-eared Bat; Eastern Long-eared Bat
Nyctophilus corbeni
Nyctophilus daedalus
Nyctophilus geoffroyiLesser Long-eared Bat
Nyctophilus gouldiGould's Long-eared Bat
Nyctophilus heranNot modelled due to insufficient records.
Nyctophilus lophorinaNot modelled due to insufficient records.
Nyctophilus majorWestern Long-eared Bat
Nyctophilus microdonSmall-toothed Nyctophilus; Small-toothed BatNot modelled due to insufficient records.
Nyctophilus microtisSmall-eared Nyctophilus; Papuan Big-eared Bat
Nyctophilus nebulosusNot modelled due to insufficient records.
Nyctophilus sherrini
Nyctophilus shirleyaeNot modelled due to insufficient records.
Nyctophilus walkeriPygmy Long-eared Bat

Scientific nameCommon name(s)Notes
Otomops papuensisPapuan Mastiff-batNot modelled due to insufficient records.
Otomops secundusMantled Mastiff-batNot modelled due to insufficient records.

Scientific nameCommon name(s)Notes
Pharotis imogeneLarge-eared Nyctophilus; Thomas' Big-eared BatNot modelled due to insufficient records.
Philetor brachypterusRohu's Bat
Pipistrellus adamsiForest Pipistrelle
Pipistrellus angulatusNew Guinea Pipstrelle
Pipistrellus collinusMountain Pipistrelle
Pipistrellus papuanusPapuan Pipisitrelle
Pipistrellus wattsiWatts' Pipistrelle
Pipistrellus westralisNorthern Pipistrelle

Scientific nameCommon name(s)Notes
Rhinolophus arcuatusWestern Horsehoe-bat
Rhinolophus euryotisNew Guinea Horsehoe-bat
Rhinolophus megaphyllusEastern Horsehoe-bat
Rhinolophus philippinensisLarge-eared Horsehoe-bat
Rhinonicteris aurantiaOrange Horseshoe-bat; Orange Leaf-nosed Bat

Scientific nameCommon name(s)Notes
Saccolaimus flaviventrisYellow-bellied Sheathtail-bat; Yellow-bellied Sheath-tailed Bat
Saccolaimus mixtusPapuan Sheathtail-bat; Papuan Sheath-tailed Bat
Saccolaimus saccolaimusNaked-rumped Sheathtail-bat; Bare-rumped Sheath-tailed Bat
Scoteanax rueppelliiGreater Broad-nosed Bat
Scotorepens balstoniInland Broad-nosed Bat
Scotorepens greyiiLittle Broad-nosed Bat
Scotorepens orionEastern Broad-nosed Bat
Scotorepens sanborniLittle Northern Broad-nose Bat; Northern Braod-nosed Bat

Scientific nameCommon name(s)Notes
Tadarida australisWhite-striped Free-tailed Bat
Tadarida kuboriensisNew Guinea Mastiff-batNot modelled due to insufficient records.
Taphozous australisSouthern Sheathtail-bat; Coastal Sheath-tailed Bat
Taphozous georgianusCommon Sheat-tailed Bat
Taphozous hilliHill's Sheath-tailed Bat
Taphozous kapalgensisArnhem Sheath-tailed Bat
Taphozous troughtoniTroughton's Sheath-tailed Bat

Scientific nameCommon name(s)Notes
Vespadelus baverstockiInland Forest Bat
Vespadelus caurinusNorthern Cave Bat
Vespadelus darlingtoniLarge Forest Bat
Vespadelus douglasorumYellow-lipped Cave Bat
Vespadelus finlaysoniFinlayson's Cave Bat
Vespadelus pumilusEastern Forest Bat
Vespadelus regulusSouthern Forest Bat
Vespadelus troughtoniEastern Cave Bat
Vespadelus vulturnusLittle Forest Bat

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